Difference Between Cable TV vs Satellite TV

Cable TV Operators in Sri Lanka and Satellite TV or Dish TV in Sri Lanka are both technologies used to bring global television channels to your household. There are a few differences customers need to consider when deciding which to select, such as price, signal drops in bad weather, availability etc.

Cable TV brings television channels through radio frequencies communicated through coaxial cables or fibre optics, where Satellite TV uses outdoor antennae or satellite dishes to receive programming from communications satellites.

Cable TV requires somewhat complex installation and cabling by technicians; if the necessary infrastructure is not available in the area, it might not be possible to set up Cable TV easily. Satellite TV requires setting up a satellite dish on the roof or side of the house, facing south, which might be a problem in apartments or shared housing.

Cable TV rarely loses reception unless there is a breakage in the cable lines or a full system outage. In contrast, satellite TVs lose reception if there is any obstruction between the satellite dish and the sky, such as trees, buildings, wires or even rain. If the satellite dish shifts slightly, the reception might be lost.

Although the cost varies greatly between service providers and packages, satellite TV is usually cheaper than cable TV.

Cable TV is only available to areas within the service provider’s coverage umbrella (usually excluding rural areas). Meanwhile, there are no such restrictions with Satellite TV which only requires a satellite dish facing south without any obstructions.

Available Television Programming
Both Cable TV and Satellite TV have the capacity to display the same channels, with Cable TV allowing for more local channels not available on satellite programming.

Value-Added Services
Cable TV usually comes bundled with internet and telephone services, although some satellite TV service providers have started doing the same.

Cable TV operates on a monthly basis, with easy cancellation, with Satellite TV subscriptions starting from 1 year at times.