Understanding the Connection Types for Your TV, Internet and Voice Services

When you sign up with a cable TV service provider like ASK Cable, one of our technicians will come to your home and set up the necessary cabling. Given below is a list of some equipment needed for Cable TV connections and what they are used for.

Coaxial Cables
Used to keep the signal for your TV strong, coaxial cables connect your TV Box to the wall, the splitter or even to connect your TV to your TV Box or DVD Players, VCRs and other devices.
Coaxial Cables are also used to set up high-speed internet and landline connections.

Component Videos (or RCA Cables)
These tri-colour cables have red, green and blue tips connecting two devices. Each tip must connect to the corresponding colour on the connecting device. Red and white are usually for sound. However, in recent times, the HDMI cable has become more commonplace.

Composite Video
The Composite Video cable is a yellow coloured RCA Cable, and the most common analog cable used to connect your TV to a DVD player or video game console. It usually comes paired with red and white RCA cables.

Digital Video Interface (DVI)
DVI cables are used to bring exceedingly clear video (without audio) to HD TVs, monitors and other displays. Again, HDMI cables are fast replacing these kinds of cables.

FireWire (IEEE-1394 connection, iLink)
FireWire connections boast tremendously fast speeds and are used with audio/video gear such as cameras and video recording equipment. There are usually three kinds of FireWire cables (4-pin, 6-pin and 9-pin) with varying speeds and used for different types of devices.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
HDMI Cables are the most popular types of cables to carrying audio and video signals between devices, capable of showing 4K and 3D videos.

S-Video (mini-DIN)
Also known as Separate Video or Super-Video, these cables are used to send information from your TV box to create a higher quality video (not audio) between your TV and other devices.

Ethernet Cables
These cables connect your computer to modems, routers or Gateways, providing internet of varying speeds.

Phone Cable
Also called an RJ-11 Cable, the phone cable is the primary cable that provides a telephone connection to your telephone device.

Power Cord
Coming in various styles and lengths, these cables provide power to your modems or gateways.